Life of Doctor William Stillman, Jr.

Doctor William Stillman, Jr.
circa 1815

Doctor William Stillman, Jr....Charlotte Champlain Stillman
circa 1860

Doctor William Stillman, Jr.
circa 1870

William Stillman was in his younger years a mechanic, but later he studied medicine and for a number of years was a practising physician in Rhode Island and Connecticut. He lived to be eighty-five years of age, and died in Ashaway, R.I.

Adam Champlain was reared in Newport, R.I., and served in the Revolutionary War. He spent his last years in Hopkinton, R.I., passing away at the age of eighty years.

To William Stillman, Jr. there was born a family of seven children, Doctor William Henry being the eldest. Abram C., died in Rhode Island when a promising youth of about nineteen years. Ezra went to California during the early days of the gold excitement, and on his return started from San Francisco for the Isthmus. The vessel was wrecked and he and many others cast away, and having never been heard from, the supposition is that he is dead. Elizabeth married George W. Taylor, a manufacturer of Hopkinton, R.I., and later went to Florida for her health, where she died, leaving no children; Joseph; Mathilda married Jonathan Larkin, a carpenter and wagon-maker by trade, and died in 1886 in Florida. In the meantime Mr. Larkin in 1849 went to California, returning in the '50's to Rhode Island, where he is probably now living. Elisha is married and employed as a book-keeper at Hopkinton, R.I. - from Portrait and Biographical Album; Washington, Clay and Riley Counties; published in Chicago, IL; Chapman Brothers; 1890.

Children of Doctor William Stillman, Jr.
and Charlotte Champlain

daughter of Adam B. Champlain and Henrietta Coggeshall

Doctor William Henry Stillman
Born: 2 Jan 1819
Place: Hopkinton, RI
Died: 7 Sep 1900
Place: Manhattan, KS
Married:1) Sarah Ann Ross
Born: 19 Dec 1821
Place: Quonocontaug, RI
Died: 5 Jul 1854
Place: Westerly, RI
Date Married: 12 Mar 1843
Married:2) Mary C. (Irish) Greene
Born: 27 Sep 1821
Place: North Stonington, NY
Died: 4 Apr 1916
Place: Hopkinton, RI
Date Married: 6 Oct 1855 - Divorced: prior to 1875
Married:3) Josephine (Cottrell) Jones
Born: 21 July 1852
Place: Williamson, NY
Died: 1891
Place: Williamson, NY
Date Married: 28 May 1876
Married:4) Ida Christiana Holtburg
Born: 21 Dec 1859
Place: Sweden
Died: 6 Jul 1938
Place: Seminole,OK - burial in Manhattan, KS
Date Married: 20 Sep 1891

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Abram C. Stillman
Born: 8 Dec 1820
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 22 Sep 1839
Place: Griswold, CT

Ezra Stillman
Born: 10 Jan 1823
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: Oct 1851
Place: Lost at Sea
Married: Abbie E. Stillman
Born: 3 May 1825
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 21 Feb 1907
Place: Cape May, NJ
Date Married: 9 Sep 1845

Elizabeth C. Stillman
Born: 7 Dec 1824
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 15 Aug 1888
Place: Sisco, FL
Married: George Washington Taylor
Born: 24 Oct 1820
Place: Charlestown, RI
Died: 27 Jun 1892
Place: Ashaway, RI
Date Married: 3 Nov 1847

Mary Mathilda Stillman
Born: 16 Jan 1827
Place: Stillmanville, RI
Died: 31 Jan 1888
Place: Ashaway, RI
Married: Jonathan Larkin
Born: 20 Jun 1826
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 15 May 1921
Place: Ashaway, RI
Date Married: 3 Nov 1847

Joseph Fulton Stillman
Born: 16 Mar 1831
Place: Hopkinton, RI
Died: 16 Feb 1912
Place: Hammond, LA - buried in Gentry, AR
Married: Adaliza Cordelia Burdick
Born: 16 May 1847
Place: Little Genesee, NY
Died: 2 Apr 1902
Place: Gentry, AR
Date Married: 19 Aug 1865

"The Sabbath Recorder", Vol 72, No 13, p 414, Mar. 25, 1912.
Joseph F. Stillman, aged eighty-one years, died at his home in Hammond, La., February 16, 1912.
He was born in Rockville, Hopkinton, R. I., March 16, 1831. His ancestors were the early settlers of Rhode Island, and among the earliest to embrace the Seventh-day as the Sabbath. He was a descendant of George Stillman, the second, who settled in Westerly, R. I., in 1703, and who was one of the constituent members of the First Hopkinton Seventh-day Baptist Church, when it was organized in 1707.
He was the son of William and Charlotte Champlin Stillman. Most of his boyhood days were spent at Westerly, R. I. When eighteen years of age he was baptized and joined the Pawcatuck Seventh-day Baptist Church. He was married to Ada C. Burdick of Genesee, N. Y., August 19, 1865.
For eighteen years he worked as a silversmith with the Gorham Manufacturing Co., of Providence, R. I. He moved to Kansas in 1870, during the pioneer days, where he resided for thirty-one years. Most of these years he lived on the "Seventh Day Lane," near Nortonville, Kan. His life was one of religious activity, the cause of Christ being one of the greatest concern to him.
In the spring of 1901 he moved to Gentry, Ark. The last five years have been spent in Hammond, La., with his daughters, Phoebe and Margaret, who are teachers in the Hammond school. He also leaves four sons, - Edwin C., and Arthur of North Loup, Neb., Laverne, of Gentry, Ark., and Benjamin of Manhattan, Kan. His only surviving brother is Hon. Elisha C. Stillman of Ashaway, R. I.
His last days were not days of suffering, but like a sheaf of wheat fully ripened, ready for the garner, he peacefully left us to go to his Lord, where the communion begun on earth is now unbroken. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. A. P. Ashurst, from John xvii, 16, "They are not of this world." The body was taken to Gentry, Ark., for interment beside his wife who passed on ten years ago.

"The Sabbath Recorder", Vol 58, No 20, p 318, May 19, 1902.
Mrs. Ada Burdick Stillman was born in Allegany county, New York, May 16, 1847, and died at her home in Gentry, Ark., April 2, 1902.
Sister Stillman was one of the constituent members of the Gentry Seventh-day Baptist church, and was faithful in her efforts to help those in need. Forgetful at times of her own personal weariness, she would spend the hours of both day and night watching at the bedside of a sick neighbor or doing the work in their kitchen, as need required. Truly it could be said of her, "She was one who went about doing good." The bereaved husband and children have the sympathy of the entire community. J. H. H.
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Elisha Coggeshall Stillman
Born: 7 Mar 1835
Place: Hopkinton, RI
Died: 17 Feb 1922
Place: Ashaway, RI
Married: Hattie E. Macomber
Born: 12 Sep 1738
Place: Charlestown, RI
Died: 2 Apr 1896
Place: Ashaway, RI
Date Married: 18 Apr 1863

Martha Potter Stillman
Born: 11 Apr 1829
Place: Voluntown, CT
Died: 2 July 1908
Place: Mystic, CT
Married: Edwin F. Burrows
Born: 11 Apr 1829
Place: Mystic, CT
Died: 30 Jan 1914
Place: Mystic, CT
Date Married: 22 Jun 1863

Information on Ida Christiana Holtburg Stillman was obtained from Warren Houston Stillman in Sep 2006