Children of Joseph Stillman III
and Elizabeth Ward Maxson

daughter of Caleb Maxson and Mary Bliss

Joseph Stillman III was called Old Honest Joe and was a shipbuilder and inventor.

Mary Bliss was great great grandaughter of Benedict Arnold, 1st Governor of Rhode Island and a decendant of Alfred the Great. Elizabeth Ward Maxson was a distant cousin to Joseph Stillman III.

Thomas Bliss Stillman
Born: 20 Aug 1806
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 1 Jan 1866
Place: Plainfield, NJ
Married: Susana Burt
Born: 13 Jun 1807
Place: of Schenectady, NY
Died: 2 Jan 1889
Place: Plainfield, NJ
Date Married: 27 Apr 1830

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The Scientific American - page 36
13 Jan 1866

Thomas Bliss Stillman was listed in Appleton's Annual Cyclopedia 1866
Thomas Bliss Stillman is considered the Father of Coast Navigation in the USA
President Abraham Lincoln appointed Thomas Bliss Stillman Supervising Inspector of the Revenue Marine (Coast Guard) in 1862
Thomas Bliss Stillman was one of the incorporators of Alfred University in 1857

Mary Ann Stillman
Born: 19 Jan 1808
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 6 Feb 1826
Place: Westerly, RI

Alfred Stillman
Born: 28 Sep 1809
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 13 Dec 1850
Place: New York, NY
Married: Elizabeth Ann Greenough
Born: 13 Aug 1811
Place: of Schenectady, NY
Died: 12 Apr 1887
Place: New York, NY
Date Married: 29 Apr 1830

Paul Stillman
Born: 6 Aug 1811
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 11 Sep 1856
Place: Plainfield, NJ
Married:1) Nancy C. Hill
Born: 6 Nov 1814
Place: Granfield, NY
Died: 12 Jul 1841
Place: New York, NY
Date Married: 6 Oct 1836
Married:2) Lydia Rogers
Born: 7 Apr 1825
Place: Waterford, CT
Died: 15 Mar 1899
Place: Waterford, CT
Date Married: 18 Apr 1848

Doctor Charles Henry Stillman
Born: 25 Jan 1817
Place: Schenetady, NY
Died: 11 Dec 1881
Place: Plainfield, NJ
Married: Mary Elizabeth Starr
Born: 7 Sep 1821
Place: Norfolf, CT
Died: 25 Nov 1903
Place: Plainfield, NJ
Date Married: 6 Jul 1842

Doctor Jacob Davis Babcock Stillman
Born: 21 Feb 1819
Place: Schenetady, NY
Died: 2 Mar 1888
Place: Santa Barbara, CA
Married:1) Caroline Bliss Maxson
Born: 29 Jul 1822
Place: Homer, NY
Died: 26 May 1852
Place: Homer, NY
Date Married: 26 May 1847
Married:2) Mary Gavitt Wells
Born: 26 Aug 1833
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: Jan 1923
Date Married: 25 Oct 1854

Elizabeth "Eliza" H. Stillman
Born: 21 Jun 1821
Place: Schenectady, NY
Died: 17 Nov 1853
Place: Plainfield, NJ
Married: Peter Albert LaDue
Born: 19 Jun 1821
Christening: 22 Feb 1822 in
   Reformed Dutch Church, Kinderhook,
   Columbia, New York
Place: Kinderhook, Columbia, New York
Died: 21 Jul 1889
Place: Little Rock, AR
Date Married:

Peter Albert LaDue was born in New York and attended Union College where he most likely met Elizabeth through her brothers as he was in enrolled at Union College at the same time as Charles, Henry and Jacob Stillman. Union College sent a questionaire to Peter a few years later - 1855 - in which he responded that he left his class (1845) before graduation to go to Detroit. When he wrote his answers, he did not mention Eliza who had recently died. Surely Eliza would have married him before setting out for Detroit though there is no record found of it. Peter and Eliza bought real estate in Saint Louis and then Eliza left for New Jersey where she died. Peter read law in St. Louis, practiced for a while and then became a banker and land speculator. He married Emma Woodward a year and a half after Eliza's death. Emma's brother married Emily Carlin and she stayed in Saint Louis after Peter left her. She died in 1907 at Eureka Springs, AR. She listed herself as the "widow of P.A LaDue" long before Peter was dead. No children were born.
Peter left St. Louis after the Civil War left him bankrupt and headed west with the railroads. There, in another town in western Missouri called Ladue, Peter and a cousin (Ladue) became involved in railroad financing and land sales. Peter sold his half sister (Sarah Elizabeth Parmentier Martin Barber Churchill) some land and often visited her and her children there. They were the family he never had. Peter's library books are still kept by Sarah's descendants. Peter turns up in Sommerville, Colorado in 1882 and then in Little Rock, AR. There is a note written by one of his other sisters that claims he died in the 1890's at the "San" at Battle Creek.
Eliza (Elizabeth) Stillman came to Saint Louis by way of Detriot circa 1846 where she and Peter lived for a while (with Peter's of which was the Mayor of Detroit John O. LaDue around 1850
Elizabeth H. Stillman LaDue spent some time with him in St. Louis but returned to NJ - probably because of cholera epidemics raging in Missouri.
After Elizabeth H. Stillman LaDue left, Peter Albert LaDue remarried and eventually left his second wife for other adventures.
Peter Albert LaDue was then traced to Westen Missouri, Golden, Colorado as well as Michigan.
Peter Albert LaDue is known to be living in Little Rock in 1879-80 where he received an honorary Bible from the American Bible Society. He inscribed that bible in 1887 to his half sister's son.
Peter Albert LaDue was reported to have died at Dr. Kellogg's hospital at Battle Creek circa 1899, though a death certificate has not yet been discovered.
Regarding Peter's death in Arkansas, he is known to have been there, but conclusions are that he left in prime health.
LaDue, Missouri (a fancy suburb of St. Louis) takes its name from Peter Albert LaDue's investment property.
Peter petitioned the courts to have the road made official so he could get to his property easily. The LaDue Road remains today.
Lynne Sullivan - August 2006

William Bliss Stillman
Born: 24 Feb 1825
Place: Schenetady, NY
Died: 12 Aug 1827
Place: Schenetady, NY

William James Stillman
Born: 1 Jun 1828
Place: Schenetady, NY
Died: 6 Jul 1901
Place: Frimley, Surrey, England
Married:1) Laura Mack
Born: 7 Jul 1839
Place: Cambridge, MA
Died: 11 Apr 1869
Place: Athens, Greece
Date Married: 19 Nov 1860
Married:2) Mary/Marie E. Spartali
Born: 10 Mar 1844 - baptised
   Maria on 31 Mar 1844
Place: Hornsey (Edmondton), London,
   England in the Church of Our Savior, London Wall
Died: 6 Mar 1927
Place: London, England
Date Married: 10 April 1871 in Chelsea, London,

Marie Spartali was born in Edmonton, a suburb of London, on 10 March 1844.
Marie Spartali was the daughter of Michael Spartali, a merchant and shipowner who also served as Consul General of Greece in London, by his wife Euphrosyne Valsamis (also spelt Varsamis).
The Spartali family originated in Smyrna (now Izmir) in Asia Minor, which had a very large and prosperous Greek population until the 1920s.
Marie Spartali married William James Stillman at Chelsea Register Office in London on 10 April 1871.
Marie Spartali Stillman died in London on 6 March 1927.
George Vassiadis - June 2002

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