Children of Ezra Stillman
and Abbie E. Stillman

daughter of Oliver Davis Stillman and Ruth Burdick

Ezra went to California during the early days of the gold excitement, and on his return started from San Francisco for the Isthmus. The vessel was wrecked and he and many others cast away, and having never been heard from, the supposition is that he is dead. Quote from Portrait and Biographical Album; Washington, Clay and Riley Counties; published in Chicago, IL; Chapman Brothers; 1890.
William H. Stillman, M.D.

Edgar Stillman
Born: 1 Jan 1849
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 9 Mar 1924
Place: Providence, RI

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Edgar Stillman authored 1654-1903 - HISTORY AND GENEALOGY OF George Stillman, 1st, and His Descendents Through the line of Deacon William Stillman by EDGAR STILLMAN Westerly. R. I.