Children of Elizabeth C. Stillman
and George Washington Taylor

son of Job Taylor and Annie Champlin

Elizabeth married George W. Taylor, a manufacturer of Hopkinton, R.I., and later went to Florida for her health, where she died, leaving no children; Quote from Portrait and Biographical Album; Washington, Clay and Riley Counties; published in Chicago, IL; Chapman Brothers; 1890.
William H. Stillman, M.D.

John H. Taylor - adopted
Born: 25 Nov 1844
Died: 14 Apr 1908 - or - 12 Oct 1915
Place: Norwich, CT
Married: Mary Lucas
Born: circa 1846
Date Married: circa 1867

business loans

William Taylor
Born: 7 Aug 1856
Place: Ashaway, RI
Died: 24 Dec 1886
Place: Sisco, FL
Married: Isadore Wells
Born: 21 Oct 1858
Place: Ashaway, RI
Died: 7 Jul 1889
Place: Ashaway, RI
Date Married: May 1881