Children of Mary Mathilda Stillman
and Jonathan Larkin

son of Daniel Larkin and Rhoda Sheffield

Mathilda married Jonathan Larkin, a carpenter and wagon-maker by trade, and died in 1886 in Florida. In the meantime Mr. Larkin in 1849 went to California, returning in the '50's to Rhode Island, where he is probably now living. Quote from Portrait and Biographical Album; Washington, Clay and Riley Counties; published in Chicago, IL; Chapman Brothers; 1890.
William H. Stillman, M.D.

Herbert F. Larkin
Born: Ashaway, RI
Place: 19 Dec 1852
Died: Westerly, RI
Place: 17 Jan 1943
Married: Ida Hoxie
Born: 5 Jan 1861
Place: Stillmanville, RI
Died: 16 Jan 1888
Place: Ashaway, RI
Date Married: 8 Nov 1882

business loans

Charles S. Larkin
Born: 2 May 1856
Place: Ashaway, RI
Married: Helen M. Avery
Born: 16 Feb 1858
Place: Mystic, CT
Died: 14 Jan 1923
Place: Ashaway, RI
Date Married: 26 Nov 1879