Children of Gertrude Viola Stillman
and Jay Howard Stillman

son of Jared Randall Stillman and and Ida Adelle Perry

Ida Adella Perry was the daughter of William Perry and Catherine E. Butkin

Gertrude Viola Stillman and Jay Howard Stillman were fourth cousins

Jay Howard Stillman...Gertrude Viola Stillman...Howard Richard Stillman...Sanford LeRoy Stillman
Early 1940's

Sanford LeRoy Stillman
Born: 19 Nov 1916
Place: Madison, WI
Lived: 2001
Place: Hales Corners, WI
Married: Janet Louise Kumm
Born: 30 Apr 1921
Place: LaCrosse, WI
Lived: 1999
Place: Hales Corners, WI
Date Married: 30 Aug 1941

business loans

Janet Louise Kumm Stillman...Gertrude Viola Stillman...Sanford Leroy Stillman
21 Aug 1982

Howard Richard Stillman
Born: 23 Jun 1921
Place: Marinette, WI
Lived: 2001
Place: Fort Wayne, IN
Married: Virginia Helen Koscielak
Born: 28 Dec 1924
Place: Milwaukee, WI
Lived: 1999
Place: Fort Wayne, IN
Date Married: 21 Oct 1944

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