Children of Helen Carole Stillman
and Richard Don Atkinson

son of Rufus Ray Atkinson and Rosalie Maritt

In back - Richard Thomas Atkinson; Left - William Ray Atkinson
Front - Helen Carole Stillman Atkinson; Right - Richard Don Atkinson

The Atkinson Farm Construction Crew
In Back - Paul Shuman...Fred First
In front - Alfred Stillman...Ann Stillman First...Perry Shuman...Margaret Stillman Shuman
June 2000

Later that same day.........
Fred First...Ann Stillman First...Alfred Stillman...Perry Shuman...Margaret Stillman Shuman...Paul Shuman...Richard Atkinson
June 2000

Richard John "RJ" Atkinson...great grandfather - Alfred William Stillman

Richard Thomas Atkinson
Born: 8 Sep 1976
Place: West Plains, MO
Lived: 2004
Place: West Plains, MO
Married: Terra Gonos
Born: 22 Oct 74
Lived: 2004
Place: West Plains, MO
Date Married: 4 Nov 1999

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Terra Gonos is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milan Gonos

William Ray Atkinson
Born: 30 Apr 1979
Place: West Plains, MO
Lived: 2004
Lived: West Plains, MO