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Winchelsea Church and Priory, East Sussex, England

On the afternoon of 6 July 2000, we visited the ancestral Winchelsea Church and Priory which were founded in 1288 in Winchelsea, East Sussex, England. For over 400 years Stileman family members have thoroughly participated in this Church and another founded in Otford, Kent. The following pictures present the Winchelsea Church and remnants of the Priory.

This Church is dedicated to the memory of St. Thomas of Canterbury

Corner view of front yard

Corner view of front yard

Bill Stillman in front of Winchelsea Church with Robin Stillman walking in background

Right-side of Winchelsea Church

Left-side of Winchelsea Church

Front door of Winchelsea Church

Far right-rear of Winchelsea Church
Visible is Stileman corner with white grave markers on wall

Robin Stillman...Alfred Stillman...Bill Stillman in Stileman corner of Winchelsea Church

Marker for Richard Stileman of the Friars, Winchelsea (26 Apr 1787 - 10 Oct 1844) and wife Sarah Curteis Croughton (1794 - 29 Sep 1844)

Marker for Robert Stileman (baptised 27 Oct 1746 - 5 Oct 1802) and wife Mary Dawes (1752 - 2 Jan 1839)

Marker for Katherine Stileman (24 Nov 1817 - 5 Nov 1899) and for Robert Curteis Stileman (31 May 1831 - 17 May 1908) ; Robert Curteis Stileman was Mayor of Winchelsea from 1858 to 1903

Interior of Winchelsea Church - extracted from purchased booklet

Updated 23 July 2000